Nearly 3600 Petitions Delivered to City Hall

Today representatives from Pine Street and Maple Community Gardens delivered about 3600 hand signed petitions to the the Mayor’s Office at City Hall. The signatures were collected by Maple, Cypress and Pine Street community gardeners and local residents over the last two and a half weeks. Signatures were collected at the Khatsalano Street Party, the Folk Festival, as well as in the gardens and at local businesses.


The Mayor’s office was notified that we are continuing to gather signatures and that there will be more paper petitions coming in, as well as an additional 1000 signatures on the online petition, which is also continuing to gather support.


Please continue to circulate the online petition by forwarding it to your email contacts and posting it on your Facebook page and add your signature if you have not already done so (see links below). Links to the petition can also be found on the Maple and Cypress garden websites, in addition to updated information about the CPR issue.


Please sign the “Mayor of Vancouver B.C: Act quickly to preserve the Arbutus Corridor as an ongoing green space” online petition, at:


Help us to promote & like the “Preserve the Arbutus Corridor Green Space” Facebook page, at:


The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security



The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security works to:

  • increase the quality, quantity and diversity of ecologically grown Canadian seed
  • facilitate information-sharing and collaboration among individuals and organizations committed to advancing an ecological and diverse seed system in Canada
  • respect, advance, and promote the knowledge of farmers in seed and food production

Please visit their website to learn more about this important work:



City of Vancouver on CPR Land Purchase

The City of Vancouver has said they’ve offered to pay a fair market value for the CPR land on which our community gardens have taken root. Here is a link to the Mayor’s blog post on the topic and and a recent article from the Vancouver Sun. 

MLA Letters in Support of Gardens

MLA David Eby, Vancouver-Point Grey, and MLA George Heyman, (Vancouver-Fairview) have written to the CEO of CPR concerning our community gardens and their importance. Both have also posted the Arbutus Corridor petition in their offices prominently. See copies of their letters below or download the files here:

George Heyman july 18th letter to CP

David Eby Letter to CP Rail re Arbutus Cooridor_July 15 2014


george_heyman_cp_letter copy david_eby_cp_letter

Save Community Gardens along the CP Rail-Petition and Facebook Page

The ongoing land dispute between CP rail and the City of Vancouver is causing huge concern among community gardens and community members who have been using and maintaining the space along the tracks. Community gardens that are being affected are Pine, Cypress, Maple, Arbutus Victory, Kerrisdale, and The World in A Garden, as well as the many people who use and enjoy this oasis in the city every day. The July 31st deadline to remove anything that encroaches their land is quickly approaching.  We need your help!

Please sign the “Mayor of Vancouver B.C: Act quickly to preserve the Arbutus Corridor as an ongoing green space” online petition, at:



The Pine Street Community Gardens, established in 2006, runs for two blocks along side the railroad tracks on West 6th Avenue between Fir and Burrard.

Garden Side + Orchard Side

The western block of the gardens, what we call the Orchard Side, is one of Vancouver’s only urban orchards, featuring apple, pear, plum and many other varieties of fruit trees. The east block, or Garden Side, of the gardens is home to over 40 vegetable and garden plots.

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