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Learn about Kombucha!

Come one, come all to learn about the delicious and ancient beverage kombucha!  Created in 221 BC, this popular drink has many health properties and is easy to make at home.  Please join Kate on July 23 at the Pine Street Garden Shed (6th and Fir St.) for a 2 hour information and how to […]

Can you dig it? Soil Composition Talk

By Laurier Major A 30 minute intro session that will cover the average soil situation for most of the PSCG plots, what to look for and how to improve the conditions for your wee seedlings to take off into full bloom. Bring a chair, park it on the ground or stand while fellow garden Laurier […]

Community Gardeners’ Workshop Series

Members of community gardens in the City of Vancouver are invited to attend workshops on various gardening topics. All events are offered by our community partners, and are free of charge*. It’s an opportunity for gardeners to share their expertise about community gardening, and to meet members of other gardens and learn from each other. […]

Collaborative Community Mural Call for Artist Project

The Pine Street Community Garden( is looking for an artist to provide services to engage the general public and local community to create a collaborative community mural on a shipping container located in a new city park adjacent to the Community Garden. The park is located on the corner of west 6th Avenue and Fir […]

Screening of “A Community of Gardeners” on Food Day

Screen A Community of Gardeners on Food Day! On October 24, thousands of people around the country will celebrate Food Day by organizing events that promote healthy, affordable and sustainable food.  On this special day, consider hosting a film screening of the inspiring documentary A Community of Gardeners. The film, which has been airing on PBS stations throughout the U.S., explores […]

City of Vancouver to Rescue Arbutus Corridor Fruit Trees-Vancouver Courier

Text from Vancouver Courier Article- Sept 16th, 2014: The Vancouver park board plans to move trespassing mature fruit trees off of Arbutus Corridor now that talks have broken down between the Canadian Pacific and the City of Vancouver. “The Park Board has consulted with staff arborists and has identified more than a hundred mature fruit […]


The Pine Street Community Gardens, established in 2006, runs for two blocks along side the railroad tracks on West 6th Avenue between Fir and Burrard.

Garden Side + Orchard Side

The western block of the gardens, what we call the Orchard Side, is one of Vancouver’s only urban orchards, featuring apple, pear, plum and many other varieties of fruit trees. The east block, or Garden Side, of the gardens is home to over 40 vegetable and garden plots.

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