Membership Guidelines

Being a member of the Pine Street Community Gardens means agreeing to the following guidelines:

Garden Membership

  1. I will pay a non-refundable annual membership fee of $35, due March 31 of each year. I understand that if I do not pay my membership fee by this date I am giving up my plot and my plot may be reassigned. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my membership form and fees are received by March 31 of each year regardless of how/if/when I am reminded by the Community Garden Board.
  2. I will be the primary gardener of my plot throughout the garden season. If I will be away for part of the growing season or summer, or if I am unable to garden for any other reason I will find someone to tend to my plot while I am away.
  3. I will advise the Membership Coordinator if I cannot keep one or more of the commitments in these guidelines, or if I choose to terminate my garden membership. (Note: Membership fees are non-refundable except in case of illness.)
  4. I will advise the Membership Coordinator of any change of address, email address or phone numbers so that I can be contacted regarding garden clean-up parties or other garden business. I understand that if I do not advise the Membership Coordinator of any changes and cannot be contacted, I will lose my garden privileges and my plot will be reassigned.

Maintaining your Plot and the Garden

  1. I will use only organic gardening practices in my plot. This means I will not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the garden.
  2. I will have dug over and cleaned my garden by May 1st at the latest and started planting by May 24th.
  3. I will keep the garden planted and weeded throughout the garden season. Garden cuttings and trimmings will not be placed on paths or in common areas but will be recycled in a timely fashion.
  4. I will plant/maintain and weed the areas immediately surrounding my plot including keeping the grass around my plot trimmed.
  5. I will maintain the structure of my plot, repairing or replacing the wood as necessary. I will not use treated or other potentially toxic materials in or around my garden plot. Any trellis supports or greenhouses in excess of 5 feet must be approved by plot neighbours.
  6. I will “winterize” my garden by November 1st of each year.

Being a Part of the Community

  1. If I choose to use the communal compost bin I will not add weeds, diseased plants, rocks, or any non-organic materials (e.g. plastic) in the compost.
  2. I will clean and return tools to the tool sheds after use.
  3. I will participate in a minimum of 4 all-member garden clean-up parties throughout the gardening season or the equivalent of 8 hours. If I cannot participate in one or more of these parties I will arrange make-up work with the Garden Board members. I understand that it is my responsibility to either attend these clean-up parties, or to arrange make-up work, regardless of how/if/when I am reminded by my the Garden Board members. Dates for the clean up parties are posted on the web site.
  4. I will not engage in abusive or disrespectful behaviour toward any member of the garden or the general public.


The Pine Street Community Gardens, established in 2006, runs for two blocks along side the railroad tracks on West 6th Avenue between Fir and Burrard.

Garden Side + Orchard Side

The western block of the gardens, what we call the Orchard Side, is one of Vancouver’s only urban orchards, featuring apple, pear, plum and many other varieties of fruit trees. The east block, or Garden Side, of the gardens is home to over 40 vegetable and garden plots.

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